Jordan White

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Musician, Organiser, Teacher


I’m a guitarist, composer, improviser, organiser and teacher. I’m from Orange, NSW, Australia, but have lived in Melbourne, Leipzig and Weimar, and now live in Cologne, Germany.

I play and compose jazz music, and I work as a solo artist both with guitar and SuperCollider. I curate and organise the festival and concert series Come Closer together with my dear friend Peter Ehwald, and I’m currently on the jury of the Musikfonds e.V.


White-Reznichenko Quintet
Music Jazz
White-Reznichenko Quintet
High-energy modern jazz - five strongly contrasting personalities making equally contrasting music.
Music Experimental
Experimental jazz and electroacoustic music with guitar and SuperCollider
Come Closer
Jazz Curation Festival
Come Closer
A festival and concert series in Weimar and Thuringia, aimed at strengthening the jazz scene in central Germany

Other Projects I've Worked On

Other Music Academy
A centre for sociocultural and musical work, being built alongside the restoration of a beautiful old house in Weimar. I've been involved since late 2018, curating, organising, producing and performing several hundred concerts and other events.
Yiddish Summer Weimar
One of the world's most important festivals for Yiddish Culture. I was heavily involved in this festival from 2019 - 2023 and took over Production of the festival in 2021.
YoWo Music
A project for teenage girls and queer teens to be coached in contemporary music. I helped found YoWo back in 2015, although most of the heavy lifting really occured after I moved to Germany in mid-2016 - but I'm still super proud of what it's become!

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