White-Reznichenko Quintet


Olga and Jordan met in Leipzig in 2016 and immediately started to play together in a number of different bands - a highlight was at the beginning of 2019, when they ended up stuck in an elevator for half an hour at Cologne Hauptbahnhof, on the way back from Brussels. For their newest collaboration, they’ve started a new band with a few heroes of German jazz - Peter Ehwald, Jonas Westergaard and John Schröder. Olga and Jordan’s love for highly complex music benefits greatly from the deep musicality of their very experienced bandmates, and the results can only be (hopefully) good!

Jordan White - Guitar, Composition

Olga Reznichenko - Piano, Composition

Peter Ehwald - Saxophones, Tarogato

Jonas Westergaard - Bass

John Schröder - Drums