Redbank is the name of a creek which runs through North Richmond, NSW, where Jordan’s grandmother lives on Guringai country which was never ceded. It is also the name of a large housing development in the same town. The name ‘Redbank’ acts as a reminder of the complexities inherent in heritage and tradition, as well as their relevance to contemporary developments, whether artistic or otherwise.

Jordan founded the group Redbank in early 2019, aiming to explore concepts from the spectral music of Gerard Grisey and Kaija Saariaho in combination with ideas from traditional and modern music from Mali, Mozambique and Cuba in a semi-improvised context. Lorenz Heigenhuber, Georg Demel and Max Stadtfeld join Jordan in a quartet with a great degree of sonic and temporal range, trying to build something new, but anchored in their subjective understanding of a range of traditions.


Georg Demel – Trombone

Lorenz Heigenhuber – Bass

Max Stadtfeld – Drums