Jordan White (b. 1993 in Parramatta, Australia) studied Contemporary Music at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne under Stephen Magnusson, Andrea Keller, Tim Stevens and Geoff Hughes. During this time he worked in Melbourne as a performer, composer and curator of music and performance art, also co-founding YoWo Music in 2015. Jordan then moved to Leipzig, Germany in 2016 and studied Jazz Guitar and New Music at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar under Frank Möbus and Peter Ehwald. He continues to develop as a composer and improviser in solo, jazz and electronic settings, primarily performing with the groups ‘Redbank’ and ‘Los Excéntricos.’ In 2021 Jordan released ‘Live @ Klangrausch’, a live recording from a live coded concert in Weimar.

Jordan is also the co-curator and founder of the concert series and festival Come Closer and works closely with the Other Music Academy and Yiddish Summer Weimar.

‘Jordan White komponiert wunderbare komplexe und verwobene Musik, deren Tiefgang einen immer weiter in Bann zieht.’ – Peter Ehwald

Over the past few years Jordan has been fortunate enough to work with a number of really great people, including:

Peter Ehwald, Alan Bern, Robert Lucaciu, Luka Mukhavele, Luis Jaen “Güicho” Palacio, Minhee Ahn, Laura Wasniewski, Ronny Ferella, Ren Walters, Dur-e Dara, Domenico di Clario, Clinton Green, Shani Mohini-Holmes, Michael McNab, Shaun Rammers, James Ball, Reuben Lewis, Max Dowling, Louella May Hogan, Claire Leske, Harrison Ritchie-Jones, Jack Riley, Jacqueline Trapp, Andrew Treloar, Zac Jones, Elnaz Sheshgelani, Chun-Liang Liu, Juana Beltran, Adrian Sherriff, Noah Punkt, Olga Reznichenko, Philipp Rumsch, Philip Theurer, Gustav Geißler, Sebastian Branché, Matthias Boguth, Georg Demel, Lorenz Heigenhuber, Till Menzer, Felix Kothe, André van der Heide, Max Stadtfeld, Lena Douglas, Claire Cross, Eilish Gilligan and Jon DiNapoli.